Why compassion?

In a world beset with tragedy, injustice, and uncertainty, compassion can provide relief, uplifting our spirits while alleviating the suffering of others.

Numerous studies reveal the health benefits of compassion. Lower stress levels, longer lives, and greater happiness are but a few of the many benefits of practicing compassion. Moreover, it fosters more vibrant, flourishing communities and healthier relationships at home and in professional settings.


Harnessing the incredible power of compassion, we seek to help people by offering educational resources exploring the vocabulary and skills that encourage it. Our ultimate aim is to aid in decreasing violence and the trauma it engenders while advancing individual and collective healing and well-being.

The materials available here are a gift to everyone at no cost.



Why compassion?

Get started on expanding your capacity for compassion with our six introductory and
exploratory videos. They elaborate on different facets of compassion and invite
reflection that can help you develop your daily practice of compassion

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We invite you to sign up for our Coursera-hosted interactive lessons, which will help deepen your understanding and skills.

What Kind of Compassionate Are You? Quiz

We all contain a great capacity for compassion. But did you know there are multiple ways to express compassion? Find out which type you resonate with most by taking the quiz below.


We also provide an action-driven toolkit that provides resources to help you create a
more compassionate community wherever you may be.




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