The videos introduce a variety of skills and concepts that promote more compassion-centered living. The content experts featured share stories you can relate to and practical wisdom you can use in your daily life.

A short reflective exercise is also provided with each video, so you can practice the skills you’ve learned.

We invite you to download the video discussion guide so you can self-reflect on what you’ve watched or so you can invite community members or office workers into a group conversation!

Be Self-Aware

Develop practices for creating greater sense of inner calm and mindful interaction with others.

Be Grateful

Celebrate our differences and recognize our deep interconnectedness.

Be Compassionate

Act in ways that reduce suffering and increase well-being for others.

Be the Change

Recognize shared experiences of trauma and how we can heal together.

Be Connected

Learn to approach systems such as families, schools, faith communities, and governments with compassion.