Compassionate Houston

A Force for Good: Compassionate Houston in the SpotlightCompassionate Houston, a vibrant 501(c)(3) nonprofit, embodies the spirit of theCompassionate Cities Movement within the diverse tapestry of Greater Houston.Founded in 2011 by Rev. Betty Adam and a dedicated team, Compassionate Houstondraws inspiration from the Charter for Compassion’s principles of respect, celebratingcultural…

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A Force for Youth: A Spotlight on Phenomenon 210

In the heart of Bexar County, Texas, Phenomenon210 stands tall as a champion of marginalized youth. This compassionate non-profit, fueled by a holistic approach, empowers students to excel beyond academic confines. Their vision extends far beyond textbooks, encompassing the full spectrum of well-being – emotional, mental, and physical. Phenomenon210 understands…

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Kathe Lehman-Meyer

Compassion in the Classroom: One Professor’s Approach to Compassion Katherine “Kathe” Lehman-Meyer is a visiting associate professor of Communication Studies at St. Mary’s University. She has been with the university for eighteen years and has been teaching communication studies even before it became a full degree program. Professor Lehman-Meyer is…

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