A Force for Youth: A Spotlight on Phenomenon 210

In the heart of Bexar County, Texas, Phenomenon210 stands tall as a champion of marginalized youth. This compassionate non-profit, fueled by a holistic approach, empowers students to excel beyond academic confines. Their vision extends far beyond textbooks, encompassing the full spectrum of well-being – emotional, mental, and physical. Phenomenon210 understands…

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Kathe Lehman-Meyer

Compassion in the Classroom: One Professor’s Approach to Compassion Katherine “Kathe” Lehman-Meyer is a visiting associate professor of Communication Studies at St. Mary’s University. She has been with the university for eighteen years and has been teaching communication studies even before it became a full degree program. Professor Lehman-Meyer is…

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Sister Martha Ann Kirk

Nurturing Compassion at the University of the Incarnate Word: A Spotlight on SisterMartha Ann Kirk Rooted in a rich legacy of compassion, the University of the Incarnate Word (UIW) stands as abeacon of empathy and service in the heart of San Antonio, Texas. The University, which grewout of Sisters of…

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