Compassion in Action

How Compassion Can Shape Our Cities: A Community Conversation with Uvalde and San Antonio Mayors

On Saturday, June 26th over 200 San Antonio community members gathered in person and online to attend the local kickoff for the CompassionateUSA campaign, a nationwide initiative that aims to promote compassion as a core value in American society.

The event was hosted by the San Antonio Peace Center, CompassionateUSA, and Alamo Colleges District in San Antonio, where Mayor Ron Nirenberg welcomed his fellow mayor from Uvalde, Don McLaughlin. Participants listened to a heartfelt conversation between two Texas mayors who shared their vision of compassion in city policymaking.

The two mayors spoke candidly about the challenges and opportunities they face in leading their cities with compassion, especially in the wake of violence and trauma. Mayor McLaughlin recounted the tragic shooting at Robb Elementary School that shook his community a year ago and how compassion helped them heal and rebuild. Mayor Nirenberg echoed his sentiments and stressed the importance of compassion as a guiding principle in city planning and policymaking. He also urged the attendees to hold state politicians accountable and demand compassionate policies that support local communities.

The dialogue was lively and inspiring, sparking questions and comments from the audience who were eager to learn more about how they can make their cities more compassionate. The event was a success, demonstrating the power of compassion to bring people together and create positive change. As Mayor Nirenberg said, “Compassion is not just a nice word, it’s a way of life.”

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