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Contemplative Resource Center (CRC)

Contemplative Resource Center (CRC).

CRC is a nonprofit organization that offers
transformative programs and retreats for health and wellness, personal and professional
development, creativity, spirituality, and nature appreciation.

The Contemplative Resource Center (CRC) was founded in 2019 by Dzogchen Ponlop
Rinpoche, a renowned Buddhist teacher and spiritual director of Nalandabodhi, an
international community of Buddhist centers and study groups. CRC is located at the
West 1077 Guest Ranch, a 227-acre ranch in the Texas Hill Country, adjacent to the Hill
Country State Natural Area. The ranch’s spacious and quiet environment provides a
setting for relaxation, reflection, and learning. Guests can enjoy the center’s beautiful
grounds and natural wonders, as well as its immersive No-Tech experience.

CRC’s managing director, Matt Lohmeier, envisions the center as more than just a
traditional retreat center, but also a catalyst for transformation in the community. With
plans to expand its facilities and programs to serve larger groups and diverse interests,
CRC is poised to fulfill its mission of creating a culture of kindness and compassion that
transcends religious, cultural, and social boundaries.

We are grateful for the partnership with CRC, as we share a common vision of
promoting compassion as a core value in our society. Compassion is central to the
wellbeing not only of individuals but of our community. Jan Puckett, of the CRC, says,
“We recognize that we all have similar aims of wanting to facilitate paths to wellbeing for
members of our community. CRC is very much aligned with CompassionateUSA’s core
values, and through our partnership, we feel that we will all be stronger in accomplishing
our aims of focusing on the virtues and practices of kindness and compassion as the
antidote to many of the challenges that currently plague our community and our larger

Join the Contemplative Resource Center (CRC) for its upcoming conference, “Wise
Compassion: Navigating Dark Times with a Courageous Heart
,” on October 20-22,
2023 at the Hilton Garden Inn at the Rim in San Antonio, Texas.

This inspiring event will feature renowned Buddhist teacher Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche
as the main speaker. Rinpoche will explore how we can cultivate wisdom and
compassion in ourselves and others, especially in times of uncertainty and difficulty.
The CompassionateUSA team is honored to join the conference as presenters and

In addition to Rinpoche’s talks, the conference will also feature embodied compassion
practice sessions led by somatics teacher Susan Aposhyan. Susan is an expert in body-
mind integration and has developed a unique approach to working with the body as a
source of wisdom and healing.

As a special preview and a free offering, CRC invites you to watch the short video
series, Embodying Wise Compassion video series with Susan Aposhyan.

To learn more about the meaningful work the CRC is doing in the community and to
register for the conference, please visit

We hope you are as inspired by CRC’s mission and vision as we are!

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